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At least BC made its mark at the Combine….

Photo Credit: SB Nation

Photo Credit: SB Nation

SBNation– We’re still just over here enjoying the linemen 40-yard dashes from this morning, because they were a thing of beauty. Outside of the combine, you’re just never going to see a linemen get up and go like they do in the 40. It simply doesn’t happen: their job is to block, typically within a few yards of the line of scrimmage.

That means linemen can be a little awkward when taking off at a dead sprint. Take, for instance, John Wetzel. I don’t know what it is about this GIF, but it makes me so very happy.


After the season ended and Spaz was fired a lot of my friends moaned that for the 1st time in a while, BC would not play a role in the draft process…

Last year it was Luke Keuchly, the year before was the Herzlich story and prior to that Anthony Castonzo.

This season, no such luck. OLine U appeared to be on hiatus for a while and there was not much else to write home about.

If you fell into that opinion all I have to say is Shame On You! How dare you forget the gem that is John Wetzel. Even if it is goofiest 40-run, and despite being a little red Wetzel has put BC on the map at Indianapolis and for that I am excited.

Hope John attacks the remainder of his drills with the same tenaciousness as this 40 track, and remember any press is good press

[H/T: SBNation]


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