BC Football

UF OL Matt Patchan Commits to BC


Well, we are off and running on Signing Day!

Addazio pulled off a big win scoring his former player Matt Patchan, a 5 Star recruit who came to UF to play for Meyer and Addazio. With the loss of Wetzel and Clearly, Patchan could be a huge addition to the line next year if he stays healthy.

Other than that there have been no big time commitments to BC so far today. Addazio will have a presser at 4 to talk about who committed. We will update after that. However, right now it looks like Addazio spent most of the winter doing damage control and trying to prevent many of the big Spaz Recruits from jumping ship. BC is a damaged program currently and don’t think for a second that potential recruits don’t see that. The best case scenario right now for BC might be having Addazio salvage a few diamonds in the rough (a la Luke Keuchly) and coach them up into big time playmakers.

Check back later today for more, however, this was possibly a very big addition to a BC OLine that has hit tough times in recent years


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