BC Basketball

BC Hoops: Almost but Not Quite

NCAA Basketball: Boston College at Wake Forest

In case you missed tonight’s BC v. Miami Basketball game it was definitely a heartbreaker, however, it was essentially the same game as the matchup against NC State. Holding onto the lead at half and going up as many as 9 in the 2nd, it appeared BC might just have it in the bag. Unfortunately for the Eagles, this game slipped away just like their home game against NC State. Ultimately, at this point in the year I see a team with loads of young talent, great potential, but unfortunately continues to fall just short.

Sent to the line down 3 and given three free-throws Olivier Hanlong infused hope into Conte Forum. I hate to say this but after being awarded the 3 shots I had very little confidence Hanlon would hit the shots and send the game to OT.

The issue for BC, once again, was their inability to hit Free Throws or shoot well from the field. Shooting 61% from the line (only 36% in the first half too) and 44% from the field this game was certainly not out of reach for BC if they could fix a few fundamental issues.

At this point, I am willing to allow the team to get away with a loss tonight. Is it disappointing? Extremely. However, they are making progress and are better than they were last year. Also, the Eagles were just two 3 ptrs away from Donohue’s rule of 10. The team hit 8 3ptrs, had only 9 TO’s and allowed only 8 OREB.

The team’s next matchup is against Maryland, in Maryland, next Tuesday. After the Terps beat NC State tonight this will be a big matchup for BC. A win could put the team back on track to maybe put themselves in the NIT picture.



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