BC Basketball

Four in a Row for Donohue


Don’t look know, but BC Basketball has quietly put together a four-game win streak as they close out out-of-conference play and get ready to take on their foes in the ACC. BC has not put this win streak together against any non-conference heavyweights, but four wins are four wins. Regardless of who this team lines up against on the court, a victory is important when trying to grow the young talent.

What really stood out to me in the teams 70-60 victory over Jesuit Rival Holy Cross was the play of Patrick Heckmann with 19 points (5 3ptrs). Heckmann was a player I thought would be key to the success of the Eagles last year but was surpassed by Ryan Anderson. Strong play from Heckmann the last three games is very promising as he can gain some invaluable experience going forward that may be able to help the Eagles steal a few unexpected victories in the back-end of the year.

Anderson also had a huge day for the Eagles going 18-10 and being the second leading scorer behind Heckmann.

Next up for the Eagles is Dartmouth on New Years Eve. If the Eagles can extend this streak to five, BC fans can be optimistic that the win-streak will give the team some mojo as they prepare to take on the Top-25 NC State Wolfpack.

In an adapted quote from the movie Fargo, we won yesterday, if we win on Monday that’s five in-a-row. That’s called a winning streak…and it has happened before.


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