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Media Wednesday: Two Interesting Sound-Bytes From Spaz

With only two weeks left in his teams season (and most likely his time at the Heights) Frank Spaziani’s press conference today was more focused on the success of teams the Eagles previously have faced

Spaz held his weekly conference call today in anticipation of Va Tech coming to town for Senior Day. It was an interesting conference call simply because most questions revolved around Spaz’s opinion of where does Notre Dame really rank in the BCS (i.e. compared to FSU) and if he believes the Irish’s Defense is far superior to their offense. Thankfully, there were a few questions that were relevant to this weekends game. Two quotes that Spaz provided to different sports writers today really caught my attention though.

The first asked Spaz where the motivation level for his team is right now. Be it a generic answer- it was an interesting one when combined with his second quote:

“Well, you know, naturally when you’re 2 and 8 there’s an issue with both of those points that you raise.  But as I’ve said over and over again, I’ve been here 16 years, and there’s a lot of great things, and one of them is our guys come to practice and they come to play, and I don’t think it’ll change this week.”

Other than the talent of Rettig, has the camraderie that exists amongst the QB’s been a driving force behind his development this year?

Later today Spaz sat down with Heights Sports Editor Greg Joyce. When discussing how the team feels Spaz elaborated that

“That quarterback room is probably the best—we have great kids at all positions—but that quarterback room is a great room. There’s a tremendous camaraderie there which we need to have for the whole team. If we could just take that camaraderie that’s in that [QB] room and inject it into everybody as one unit, we’d be a lot further [along].”

I don’t believe that the team has quit. But what worries me is that those two quotes show that Spaz feels differently about one group of players on his roster than another. It allows the thought creep in that maybe at this point of the season the frustration that is a 2-8 season really has actually spread around most of the locker room (not that this is not a normal reaction to losing). The QB position has by far been producing the most of anyone on the offense by far this season, and after playing a Top 5 team at home relatively close for the better part of three quarters I had faith BC would believe they can definitely handle a slumping Va Tech. After those two quotes today though, BC fans are definitely going to have to take a step back and reassess if the strain of constant losing will cause the team to limp through their final two weeks of the 2012 season.

Transcript of today’s conference call can be found at ASAPsports.com


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