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BC Football Buzz: Duece Finch

Boston College v Notre Dame weekend is unlike any other. To be completely honest it started last weekend, as a missed field goal by Pitt in the 2nd OT caused an eruption of cheers in anticipation of a primetime matchup on ESPN. So before we hit Shea Field this weekend, Two Hours From Hartford will be giving a few thoughts on the matchup between BC vs. the Irish.

This week there has been a great amount of discussion surrounding Deuce Finch after the injury to Andre Williams. Yesterday, BC Interruption announced the return of Deuce Finch to BC’s 2-deep. However, today the Heights is reporting Spaz gave some vague comments regarding how many snaps last years leading rusher will get in the game.

At this point, I think BC fans should at least be happy that Spaz has allowed Deuce to re-emerge on the two deep. The thought that he won’t be a factor in the game still should be on the fringe of everyones mind though. Colin Larmond has finally been re-instated after his suspension, but isn’t on the depth-chart. Since the core of backs is so depleted, has Spaz just thrown Deuce’s name in because he would have looked ridiculous with James McCaffrey on the two-deep Notre Dame week?  BC Interruption made another good point questioning how successful Dudeck will be against the Irish Defense. Manti Te’o is a top 5 pick (sorry Luke) and the rest of his defense is certainly not filled with scrubs. Deuce needs to be a factor running north and south, otherwise, Doug Martin is going to have to rely on the pass yet again to carry BC’s offense with little help from the run to prevent the Irish from just banking on pass play after pass.

I doubt that the role of Deuce Finch playing is the biggest obstacle the Eagles need to overcome going into this game Saturday. However, I think it is important to acknowledge that Spaz is playing games with what his role is going to be in the game. Before a primetime matchup against a National Title contender you want players to be relaxed and confident in how they are going to execute the gameplan. Let’s hope that behind closed doors the offense knows who’s going out on the field and what they all need to accomplish to win at Alumni.

Emmett Cleary has the right idea for this weekend:

I’m just nervous that if things start to go wrong offensively Saturday, improvisation by the coaching staff at Running Backs will only further hurt the Eagles ability to move the ball.



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